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Australian Obesity Surgery offers a full range of the latest surgical weight-loss procedures delivered by a holistic multi-disciplinary team all under the one roof. All procedures are scientifically-proven to be safe and effective, and all practitioners are Board-certified, tertiary-trained, registered Health Professionals with extensive experience in obesity management. Learn more

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Our team of professionals and specialists is comprises of highly-skilled surgeons, Bariatric GP’s, Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists and a Psychologist.


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Constant support via one on one consultations, over the phone and in person.

100% devoted to the surgical management of morbid obesity.



A non-surgical procedure, placed endoscopically for 12 months, that uses an intestinal liner to prevent absorption of fat and sugar into the bowel, thereby mimicking the effects of gastric bypass. Learn more

LAP-BAND® System

The LAP-BAND® is a device which is buckled around the top of the stomach, applying pressure to the area. Learn more

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass simply divides your stomach into two sections; a small upper part which becomes the size of a small lemon, leaving your main lower stomach intact. Learn more

Sleeve Gastrectomy

This operation removes 75% of the storage capacity of your stomach, leaving the “pumping” part of the stomach intact. Learn more

Revisional Surgery

Revision (or redo) operation is for people who have already had unsuccessful LapBand, sleeve gastrectomy or previous stomach stapling, to convert to the latest form of gastric bypass surgery. Learn more

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